Recycling on a tired planet!


Thursday, December 18, 2008

New work

These days I was ill and couldn't work in my studio so that I began with a project I planned some time ago. I want to recycle my old stitched table cloths, doilies, etc giving them a new life.

I have wonderful tablecloths stitched by my grandmother with her own designs or designs from the early 20th century waiting for this.

This piece was a linen place mat with a flower stitchery and lace all around. It's not finished yet.

I used all I found laying around me and enjoyed the act of stitching very much (while watching some Christmas films on TV).

I think I will use more "fauna" next year, not only faces and people.

The photo is not very good because I took it in my living room and it's snowing outside...