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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Vest tutorial - Weste Erklärung

Here I explain how to do this vest.

I had an old grey pullover, rather big because I wanted to do a poncho à la Frida Kahlo for using at my studio on top of other things when it gets real cold.

Hier erkläre ich, wie ich die Weste gemacht habe.

Ich hatte einen grauen Pullover, ziemlich groß, da ich einen Poncho à la Frida Kahlo machen wollte, so dass ich im Studio nicht friere.

I laid the pullover on a cutting mat and cut it like this:

Ich legte den Pulli auf eine Schneidematte und habe ihn so geschnitten:

As you see, I cut the sleeve to make it a rectangle. I sew the rectangle to the sides of the central piece:

Wie man sieht, habe ich die Ärmel so geschnitten, dass sie Rechtecken geworden sind. Diese habe ich auf den Seiten der Vorder- und Rückenseiten genäht:

I cut an old headscarf in 2 rectangles to use them as you see in the next picture.

I punched red wool from the back of the rectangles to give them some fullness. I appliqué flowers and stems over them and then punched them all around- overlapping them about 1/2" (1,5cm) -on top of the sleeves openings.

I also punched a square piece of headscarf on top of the head opening (without punching red wool on it!), after that I cut the round form of the collar on the top.

Ich schnitt einen alten Kopftuch in Rechtecken für die Ärmel und punchte rote Wolle auf ihrem Rücken, um dem Stoff mehr Körper zu geben. Ich applizierte Blumen und Blätter mit dem Embellisher. Ich legte das Stück - wie auf dem Bild zu sehen ist - 1,5 cm über dem Armausschnitt.

Ich punchte auch ein Rechteck vom Kopftuch auf der Halsöffnung (ohne rote Wolle!) und schnitt wieder die Form vom Halsausshnitt nach dem Punchen.

I made a felted surface out of some purple wool, cut it in stripes about 1/2" (1,5 cm) wide and punched them on top of the borders of the headscarf punched pieces.

Ich habe eine gefilzte Oberfläche in Lika gepuncht. Dann habe ich sie in Streifen von ca. 1,5 cm geschnitten und rund um die Kopftuchapplikationen gepuncht (von oben).

This was a prototype for a knitted piece I'm preparing!

Dieses war ein Prototyp für eine Strickweste, die ich gerade stricke!


Heather said...

What a brilliant idea, and a very practical but colourful result. You will be very cosy this winter. I am always too nervous to cut into knitting, but may be encouraged now to have a go myself. I have loads of old clothes that need recycling or just throwing out, so plenty to work on!

Anneli said...

Very nice vest, Sara! The floral applications remind me of Scandinavian folk art!

This kind of textile recycling really makes sense - and it's fun to do, as there are no "don'ts".

Last week I just couldn't resist a couple of old pullovers at a garage sale myself, as they had nice colours and were screaming out to be rescued and recycled ...

Mónica Zúñiga said...

wow, this is amazing, I may try it! Right now is getting really cold over here! I have a bunch of old sweters waiting to be used for something, now I got a cool idea for them, thanks a lot! :)

Judy said...


Thank you for this tutorial, it has set my mind a buzz, I am of to search my wardrobe.

Anonymous said...

Sara, I really like this idea and will have a go at it with at least one of my sweaters....the only thing must have pockets in order to work in my studio! I also may need to make a cut down the front center and put buttons or clasps to open it when a HOT FLASH occurs! Enjoy this idea tremendously.

ale balanzario said...

Great job!!, before I began to read your post, I thought, hmm , it looks like mexican, after I read your post, you really did a great job "a la Frida"

Greetings from Mexico.