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Friday, July 4, 2008

Continuing the throw...

I'm working on this because it's such a challenge to see what I do next. I now put some borders on it in order to have some line to lean on. I just couldn't resist putting the 4 ladies on one of them. The ribbed border is the bottom of a sweater. I also added a checked wool piece and an organza piece on top of it to change the structure.

I did some holes with buttonhole stitch and a kind of rib .

And these are the ladies I'm stitching on now.

I also did a circle around the sun using a kind of whipped spiders wheel stitch. I liked to do that and I'm going to use it more in the future.

I love the textures that arise and playing with possibilities. This is a huge sampler of "what ifs" like Jude says. It is going to be a keepsake.

I'm already struggling with the backing because I want it to have one. The bis question is:
at what time shall I begin with it?. There are many possibilities:

  • to add smaller pieces of fabric as you go and let them be bonded with the stitching (disadvantage: there is much space between the stitching due to the appliqué)
  • a big piece at the end and hand quilting (disadvantage: I don't like to handle big pieces, specially if it's hot)
  • a big piece at the end and machine quilting/stitching between the lines and appliqués (advantage: a kind of trapunto - disadvantage: once more the space bethween the trapuntos, this would made a pattern in the pattern without a concept)
  • ??


Sue said...

Yhis is growing in fascination as well as size. I love the intuitive, organic development. As to the backing: you say you want a backing and I think the key may be in the answer to the question "Why do you want a backing?"

Kaylacoo said...

I think it is exciting to create from materials that are recycled.
Something that was once discarded is now treasured.
I love using old threads,old jumpers,trimmings etc..
I can never throw anything away!

Michala x

Poppy said...

Sara are you using the embellisher to blend all the fabrics together? I hope this does not fall into the stupid question pile. It seems like that is what you are doing and then I would also ask if that is how you added the fabric from he medaillon from the headscarf?

I love the new/old work you are doing it is so beautiful and seems to be timeless.

Helen Suzanne said...

This is very inspirational sara. I love the way you are growing the piece. I usually work stash inspired too but worry about bigger pieces, so I would like to try this more organic development too (I hope this is ok with you). thank you for helping me by sharing your work.

Cecile said...

A true piece of art, wonderful work,it's amazing what you can do with recycled fabrics ! keep up the good work