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Thursday, July 10, 2008

And here the sun - Und hier die Sonne

This is now the sun. I could do it because I got yesterday my new embellisher with 12 needles!!
Read about it in my other blog.

The photo isn't very good because of the light.

I did the face with needle felting (one needle!) on a punched surface and I also used the Clover felting tool for some situations...

I loved the way the new Babylock punched the flowers into the fabric!

Now I must embroider the sun.

Das ist jetzt die Sonne. Ich habe sie machen können, da ich gestern meinen neuen Embellisher mit 12 Nadeln bekommen habe. Mehr dazu auf meinem anderen Blog.

Das Photo ist nicht sehr gut wegen dem Licht.

Ich habe das Gesicht mit einer Filznadel mit der Hand gemacht - auf einer gepunchte Oberfläche- und ich verwendete dazu auch das Clover Filzgerät.

Ich liebe, wie die neue Babylock die Stoffe der Blumen in die Wolle gepuncht hat.

Jetzt muß ich noch die Sonne besticken.


Tara Ross Studios said...

I just love this one sara. I love those little red bird/creatures, did you make those too?

Thank you for the bloggy award!

jude said...

nice sara, i guess you answered my question about making a quilt with an works very well!
thanks for the award!

kate and greg said...

sara i love the parade of red creatures and the combination of somany elements that somehow work together. the gaint mother figure of the sun and stars in her skirt. i would love to come and play at your house some time :)

Morna said...

I'm loving your work. And I want to know what an embellisher machine is - I'm doing all my embellishing by hand - I would love a machine to help me out! :)

Raggy said...

Just love the sun, Sarah. It must be quite large as I saw the photo's of the child holding it up against her own face. How large is the piece that you have created at the moment? Seeing them on the screen doen't give you an idea of the size.

Kiamyka said...

Hi Sara
I am absoloutely loving watching this creation evolve- it's truly remarkable
x Chris